Saturday, 2 February 2013

Stuff on the internet

I hope you like the new header. Yes, it did my head in too, Or, as one of my more dopey "For goodness' sake, please find the g key on your ijunk phone" relatives would say in her usual cringeworthy fashion,  "A headin to do your head in"

The subtitle of this blog comes courtesy of Dear Husband who asked if it was about "stuff on the internet" Actually there was a disparaging "just" in there, as in "so it's just about stuff on the internet?" Says he who would like help with his preserved loco website because he doesn't even know how to spell HTML.

I started this blog with the intention of writing about grammar faux pas found on th'internet. That's still a worthy aim, I think, even if the grammar uber-nazis lambast me for getting it almost as wrong as the person who got it wrong in the first place. However, there is more to attack - er..., I mean comment on - on the internet than the writings of the unfortunate people who went to school after they decided the teachers don't need to know anything in order to teach.

I've set up a new website, strangely enough with the same name as this blog. Good luck trying to type that header ... It will be published soon, February being the month when accountants allegedly have time to fritter away  creating websites, and will be a general repository for articles no-one reads. A worthy project indeed.

In the meantime I'll blog about "stuff on the internet" and I'll also write about stuff. On the internet.

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